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Another Mega Post

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From: SafetyJoe
Date: Nov 26, 2008 11:31 PM

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From: Lori
Date: Nov 26, 2008 9:19 PM

From: Infowars. com
Date: Nov 26, 2008 6:10 PM

NYC Subway Terror Plot May Threaten Holidays, Feds Warn

http://www. ewagz. com/blogs/1766/NYC-Subway-Terror-Plot-May-Threaten-Holidays-Feds-Warn. html

Click here to add Infowars. com


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From: SUPPORT HR 2755
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:19 PM

TAKE ACTION & CONTACT you congressperson & senators

From: Blaine
Date: Nov 26, 2008 9:07 PM

Take Action. Now!

ALERT! - Senate leadership plans new push for immigration bill that includes amnesty!

Many analysts thought that the economic crisis had pushed immigration to the back burner, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated that he wants to pass amnesty legislation early in the next Congressional session, and... he thinks it may be easy

Indications are that Senator Reid, Senator John McCain, and President-elect Barack Obamaall supporters of an amnesty for the millions of illegal alienswant to demonstrate this bi-partisan "accomplishment," even as millions of American workers are losing their jobs.. An amnesty will, of course, encourage more illegal immigration and more illegal workers taking jobs from Americans

Let your Senators know at this early opportunity that Americans still do not want an amnesty, and that this proposal will spark the same outrage that killed the last bill

Please click here to learn more and to take action..

Donate now to help us send more messages to your legislative representatives..


Please Support "The Patriots"Here on Youtube!!
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From: jane
Date: Nov 26, 2008 11:12 PM



http://www. youtube. com/user/cv1122

http://www. youtube. com/user/jakluk4

http://www. youtube. com/user/missingka...

http://www. youtube. com/user/YouChoose...

http://www. youtube. com/user/TruthSeek...

http://thepeoplesrevolution. net/forum/ to sign up....http://thepeoplesrevolution. net/fo rum/

http://www. youtube. com/user/fckuvrymch

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http://shreddedsociety. com/

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http://www. youtube. com/user/wearechan...

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http://www. youtube. com/user/Minnesota...

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http://www. youtube. com/user/ChangeOhio

______...Mark Dice is Back!!!...______

http://www. youtube. com/user/TheResist...


"Dream Team" for the Banksters and Imperialists by Cindy Sheehan
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From: Cindy Sheehan for Congress 2010
Date: Nov 26, 2008 5:37 PM

I had CNN on yesterday listening to the financial show they have on every morning here in the PST.. I don't know which of the "brilliant" analysts that was speaking, but she said two things that made me pick up my ears: Firstly, she said that Obama's economic team is a financial "Dream Team;" then she said: "I wonder if the Constitution can be amended so Obama can be sworn in earlier than January 20th?!"

As to the "Dream team" that Obama has chosen for his economic team, it is only a "Dream" if you are a Bankster salivating over ill-gotten and not earned or deserved gains or part of the Wall Street cabal. Citigroup was just given billions more in a "rescue" package that has little to zero accountability or protections for the average tax-paying American citizen..

Timothy Geithner, Obama's pick for Secretary of the Treasury, is currently the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (red flag) and has been working very closely with the Wall Street Banksters and Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke in "solving" the current financial crisis! "Good job, Timmy!" It seems that incompetence and criminality will continue to be rewarded in a new Obama regime. Geithner's checkered past includes a stint with Kissinger and Associates…'nuff said? The Reserve banks only exist to enrich the establishment elite by creating easy money and "bubbles" where the rich can get richer as the bubble expands and be protected from risk when the bubble bursts. Timothy Geithner is about as much a Washington "outsider" as Dick Cheney is..

Larry Summers who will lead the White House's economic office is an Economic Hitman and is also directly responsible for the mess we are in today. Summers, SecTreas during the Clinton administration, was instrumental in repealing Glass-Steagall, which created the companies that were "too big to fail." If a company is "too big to fail," then obviously, it is "too big to exist." Summers also has the additional baggage of thinking that women are "naturally" less intelligent than men and that we should be dumping first-world pollutants on third-world nations. Another profound member of the Bankster party who first worked in Reagan's administration under a "supply-side" guru who was very pro-deregulation as his protege, Summers is..

With the news that Obama desires to retain Robert "The Surge" Gates, his foreign policy team, which includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden (all Hawkish) is moving even farther towards the right and away from the anti-war base that pinned so many hopes on the President-Elect. With Reaganomics proponents and neo-Conservative empire supporters, nothing about Obama's appointments are engines for "change" but represent, not a 3rd "Clinton term" but an "8th Reagan" term..

Secondly, I ran against Nancy Pelosi because she refused to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. Then and now, Pelosi and CNN and other MSM outlets deemed my position for impeachment "extreme and divisive." Proposing an amendment to the Constitution is not extreme? How long would it take to change our Constitution to allow Obama to move into the White House sooner than 56 days? Well, Congress is on their Thanksgiving break and will soon be on their Christmas/Hanukah break, and then the New Year's break, so amending the Constitution is probably out of the question this year..

Many hours after I heard the dazzling solution of amending the Constitution to get rid of George Bush sooner, I turned the TV back on and Larry King was interviewing establishment hacks: Bob Woodward and David Gergen who were extolling Obama and his "Dream team," and I was saddened to recall how CNN, Fox and NBC collaborated with the Bush regime to not only jam these bailouts down our throats, but also to lead our country into wars that killed my son and hundreds of thousands of others. Millions of people are displaced, wounded or otherwise oppressed and we are still supposed to believe that CNN has anything true or relevant to say? When my TV becomes obsolete after the first of the year because it doesn't have the digital thingama-jiggy, I am not going to replace it or get the converter doo-hickey because there is very little worth watching in what has increasingly become an even vaster "wasteland.." Why bother?

Obama will keep troops in Iraq as long as he is President and he will increase troops to Afghanistan in what the Democratic leadership is now calling the: Real War on Terror (which shall now be known as the "Democratic Real War on Terror" or D-RWoT)..

Yes, Obama is putting together a Dream Team for the corrupt wealthy establishment class, but a Nightmare Cabal for the rest of humanity..


Bush Dishonered Our Returning War Dead
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From: 557
Date: Nov 26, 2008 4:38 PM

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From: Kimo
Date: 26 Nov 2008, 04:06 PM



US convoy rams Russian diplomats off road in Baghdad for fun I guess
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From: sheila
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:12 PM

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=JcKQitIHnEo



US Army deserter to ask german Government for Asylum
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From: amnesty4AWOL
Date: Nov 26, 2008 11:07 PM

Here is definitely some news for you..

Sorry I didn't get this to you sooner, the news is supposed to officially go out tomorrow, but a guy applied for asylum here in Germany today named Andre Shepherd. He was an ex-Apache mechanic stationed in Ansbach who went to Iraq once, didn't want to go back when it came time for him to go again, and has been living underground here in Germany (Munich) for nearly 2 years. I wish I could attach PDF's here to send you but I can't here on myspace. He was supposed to have a press conference tomorrow, followed by actually applying, however when the press releases for thepress conference went out so many German press organs such as Jungewelt and Frankfurter Rundschau wanted to be "the first to cover it" and ran what little information was in the press release..

Just google (US Deserteur Asyl Deutschland), its all over the place, and none of these people even know his name or story yet. This is the first time a US deserter has applied for asylum here in Europe since the Vietnam war I believe, and of course the implications if it gets approved are clear when Germany has tens of thousands of soldiers stationed here in USAREUR, as well as it being a potential magnet for the guys in Canada etc..

-Chris Capps-Schubert


US-Army Deserter looks for asylum in Germany In firing position + In firing position (picture: strip packing) Offenbach. A deserter of the US army wants to request asylum in Germany. This reports the association Connection with seat in Offenbach, which supports conscientious objectors and deserters. The man, who was used in Iraq, will turn on Thursday to the Federal Office for migration and refugees in Nuremberg, said a Connection speaker of the German press agency. The deserter holds the opinion, it to the fight in an illegal war was forced. The deserter appoints himself according to Connection to the so-called qualification guideline of the European union. This plans a protection from pursuit for a deserter, if " the military service crime or actions covers würde" , which are contrary to international law. On the request the Federal Office must decide for migration and refugees. In the case of a refusal the course would be open to the concerning to the Administrative Courts..

http://www. shortnews. de/start. cfm?id=738487
http://www. fr-online. de/in_und_ausland/politik/aktuell/1634855_Deserteur-sucht-Asyl-in-Deutschland. html
http://www. hr-online. de/website/rubriken/nachrichten/indexhessen34938. jsp?rubrik=36082&key=hessen_vtx_meldung_35829956


IVAW Los Angeles in action
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From: Iraq Veterans Against the War-Los Angeles
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:39 PM



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From: Flo Ron Paul 2012
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:04 PM

http://www. campaignforliberty. com/wire. php?view=726


Teenage Girl slandered for wearing a Peace symbol at church
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From: The Anti Warmonger
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:12 PM

Posted by The Anti Warmonger



International Ron Paul to Head E.U.
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From: Third Estate, Second Estate. No, United... States
Date: Nov 26, 2008 9:51 PM

If he was like RP, he wouldn't be International tho ;)

International Ron Paul to Head E.U..?!

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From: Blaine
Date: Nov 26, 2008 9:43 PM

International Ron Paul to Head E.U..?!
Posted by: "Teno" rextext
Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:38 am (PST)

http://www. nytimes. com/2008/11/25/world/europe/25klaus. html?_r=2&hp

A Fiery Czech Is Poised to Be the Face of Europe

By DAN BILEFSKY Published: November 25, 2008

The Czech Republic is about to assume the rotating presidency of the E.U. and there is palpable fear that President Vaclav Klaus will embarrass the trading bloc..

TG: This is a stunning development, despite the fact that the position is largely ceremonial. Vaclav Klaus is the closest thing to an international Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has even spoken at his invitation..

http://www. dailypaul. com/node/74259

Check here for some good comments and links on Klaus, including interviews with Glenn Beck. Anybody who calls AlGore "the apostle of ignorance" can't be bad. The NWO might not be such a bad thing if we could get this guy in charge of it - he'd be liable to dismantle it..


Short Video about a vaccine damaged child
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From: ♥§ĦØяTŶ♥。.:★เ кภ๏ฬ tђє tгยtђ★:.。 Μολών Λaβέ
Date: Nov 26, 2008 6:31 PM

Date: Nov 26, 2008 5:20 PM

www. myspace. com/injection101

At the end of this video they state "We are not against vaccines" Uh Hello?

After what they have been through? I personally do not believe in any vaccines. The only good vaccine is no vaccine..


This is a real tear jerker



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From: International Man of Mystery
Date: Nov 26, 2008 11:09 PM

Who stands behind India terrrorist attacks ?

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From: sheila
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:45 PM

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Qred2Qf4Lkg


What the hell is generic AL quadia ? please tell me will you


The Tribal Politics of Barack-O-Rama
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From: Conservative Republicans (Anti Neocons)
Date: Nov 26, 2008 10:45 PM

from: myspace. com/southernavenger


youtube. com/southernavenger


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