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RE: JPMorgan Caused Lehman Cash Crisis, Creditors Say

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JPMorgan Caused Lehman Cash Crisis, Creditors Say

Here's some Proof from mainstream media sources, not conspiracy theory websites, of the engineered Crisis. It's amazing the truth stil gets out through the controlled media, thanks to good journalists. This is from Bloomberg, click on the title for the full article.

JPMorgan Caused Lehman Cash Crisis, Creditors Say

3 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co. , the main lender and clearing agent for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. , caused the liquidity crisis that led to Lehman's collapse, creditors said.

JPMorgan had more than $17 billion of Lehman's cash and securities three days before the investment bank filed the biggest bankruptcy in history on Sept. 15, the creditors committee said in a filing late yesterday in bankruptcy court in Manhattan. Denying Lehman access to the assets on Sept. 12, the bank ....froze'' Lehman's account, the creditors claimed.

my comments:

JP Morgan are owned by the same owners of the fraudulent Federal Reserve bankers who have engineered the Great Depression and World Wars, to consolidate the wealth of the world into fewer and fewer hands - theirs.

James Dimon, whose annual compensation from JP Morgan is $15,000,00 and whose estimated total compensation is close to $28 million, is their Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Member of Operating Committee.
He is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

William Daley, Senior Director of JP Morgan, is also sitting on the board of Merck and Abbott Laboratories, as well as U.S.
Weapons manufacturer Boeing,
as well as 201 relationship connections to other corporations through boards his fellow directors sit on.

Ellen Futter, one of the "most connected" people to the JP Morgan board,
according to Businessweek, runs the American Museum of Natural History, was President of Barnard college for thirteen years, is a former director of CBS and Viacom, a major Aviation company, and Bristol Myers-Squibb. JP Morgan not only have a vested interest in profiting off of war and pharmaceutical-addiction, but also in controlling the way we think about these issues; carefully making sure we never find out that the elite bankers have engineered wars and economic collapses before. Through controlling the way our children are educated about history and politics through the schools and museums, as well as controlling what the people see and hear via the media - the banking families of the world keep their crimes secret - and themselves safe.

Futter is also running NYC2012, an organization working to get the Olympics in New York City in 2012.
Talk about a police state nightmare with national guard troops with guns on the streets of Manhattan, and totally suspending civil liberties in the same of security? The Olympics in NY will make
the police state commotation at the Republican National Convention in 2004 look like a cake-walk.
Who benefits from this police state situation?

New World Order Henchman and wanted criminal Henry Kissinger was a director for JP Morgan. Kissinger served as National Security Advisor to President Nixon. Indictments against Kissinger exist in a growing number of European countries; they charge him with with war casualties in Vietnam, massacres in Bangladesh and Timor, and assassinations in Chile, Cyprus, and a car bomb in Washington, D.C.

Kissinger runs a consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, which serves as a sort of private National Security Adviser and Secretary of State to about 30 major corporations around the world. One of his clients: JP Morgan. Another one of his clients is a Rome bank that made illegal loans to Iraq. Kissinger was also appointed by President Bush to head the original 9-11 Commission until victims families forced him to resign to do "conflicts of interest" regarding his clientele who profitted off of the 9-11 attack, the Iraq War, and who would want the truth of 9-11 remaining secret.

It's also interesting that Kissinger/JP Morgan be connected to the pharmacuetical companies like Abbott Labs, who manufacture the so-called AIDS-treatments.
While National Security Advisor under Nixon, Kissinger wrote in National Security Memorandum 200, that third-world population reduction was a key national security issue for the United States, and that it would be a good idea to engineer a biological agent that would destroy the immune system and spread sexually (sound like the AIDS virus?).
Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, "the AIDS virus was the results of many steps in a laboratory, it was no accident.

The elite who own JP Morgan profit off of spreading disease to the human race, they profit off of war, they control the media and the schools. Is it any wonder they would engineer an economic crisis and try to cover it up as well? I guess we'll just have to see what a judge says in response Lehman Brothers' creditors asking the judge in charge of the case to let them interview a witness and request relevant documents from JPMorgan in possible pursuit of legal claims.

However, if the elite who run JP Morgan are all that powerful, maybe they control judges and thus the outcome of legal proceedings in the U.S.
as well?

Permission encouraged to re-distribute article widely.

www. conspiracybusters. com


Link to Youtube to watch parts 2 through 5.

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