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RE: I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you up!!!

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From Wikipedia:

"The United States Military Commissions Act of 2006, Pub. L. No. 109-366, 120 Stat. 2600 (Oct. 17, 2006), enacting Chapter 47A of title 10 of the United States Code, is an Act of Congress (Senate Bill 3930) signed by President George W. Bush on October 17, 2006. Drafted in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision on Hamdan v.

Rumsfeld, the Act's stated purpose is to "To authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war, and for other purposes." The bill limits captives' access to habeas corpus and has been suggested to be unconstitutional.

Senator Patrick Leahy on the MCA:

"Passing laws that remove the few checks against mistreatment of prisoners will not help us win the battle for the hearts and minds of the generation of young people around the world being recruited by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. Authorizing indefinite detention of anybody the Government designates, without any proceeding and without any recourse -- is what our worst critics claim the United States would do, not what American values, traditions and our rule of law would have us do. This is not just a bad bill, this is a dangerous bill.


Senator John McCain on the MCA:

"Simply put, this legislation ensures that we respect our obligations under Geneva, recognizes the President’s constitutional authority to interpret treaties, and brings accountability and transparency to the process of interpretation by ensuring that the executive’s interpretation is made public. I would note that there has been opposition to this legislation from some quarters, including the New York Times editorial page. Without getting into a point-by-point rebuttal here on the floor, I would simply say that I have been reading the Congressional Record trying to find the bill that page so vociferously denounced. The hyperbolic attack is aimed not at any bill this body is today debating, nor even at the Administration’s original position. I can only presume that some would prefer that Congress simply ignore the Hamdan decision, and pass no legislation at all. That, I suggest to my colleagues, would be a travesty.


John McCain's actions and decisions are in opposition to the Constitution!

President G.W.

Bush's Lies about the MCA:

Keith Olberman on the MCA:

Speaking at a VFW meeting in South Carolina, McCain asked when the U.S. would "send an air mail message to Tehran.

" McCain replied: "You know that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran? Bomb bomb bomb, anyway..."

Link to story.

Ha! Ha! Ha!
War is flippin awesome!

Let's kill a bunch more Americans and innocent civilians!


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Thanx: Iconoclasm

Ron Paul on Iran



Webster Tarpley - Consequences of a U.S.

attack on Iran




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