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RE: Pentagon ties to the media.

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PBS breaks ‘media blackout’ of NYT story on Pentagon propaganda»

On Sunday, The New York Times published an explosive report exposing the Pentagon’s secret campaign to use analysts in order to “generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance-” Since that time, TV news organizations have largely been silent on their role in the propaganda- Ari Melber notes that last night, PBS’s Newshour finally broke this blackout, but couldn’t convince the other networks to participate:

JUDY WOODRUFF: And for the record, we invited Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC to participate, but they declined our offer or did not respond-

Watch PBS’s segment here:

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I dont think that anyone who looked at the facts unbiasly didnt think that the pentagon was using agents of the military industrial complex to propagate its campaign for the war. Its just sad that journalist had to sue the government to get these secrets out of them, at least the judicial branch still works. But hey, if these wars wern't a bad idea in the first place, then why would there be a need to reinforce such public opinion with such illegal actions? As a former strong supporter of this war, anyone who doesnt have questions about the legality and morality or these wars is uninformed or still gripped with un patriotic hymes about unity of thought and opinions.

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