Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RE: Police ordered to give Marijuana back. (Repost!!!)

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From: Leo Krayola says (Google RonPaul2008.com)
Date: Dec 11, 2007 5:27 AM

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From: Kyle (for Ron Paul 2008)
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From: Colorado Marijuana Coalition
Date: 10/12/2007

This is an historic occasion here in Colorado as the LARGEST cannabis return in our know history!!!! Though it was ruined, this is a monumental step in JUSTICE for the people!!!!
Please, wake others up and become the REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!

Part 1


Part 2

The Rev(olution)


Article from Jack Herer:
Cops Busted Over Medical Marijuana Laws

Med Headlines - The Larimer County Drug Task Force in Colorado has been given a court order to return marijuana plants and related paraphernalia they illegally confiscated in August 2006 from a couple using the stuff for medical purposes.

They’re also facing a lawsuit seeking damages “in excess of $100,000” for the plants that didn’t survive the ordeal and for the glass pipes, bongs, and growing equipment they broke while it was in their possession.

James and Lisa Masters are caregivers who grow the herb to treat their patients. During the illegal seizure of property, 39 plants, about 8 ounces of loose marijuana, growing equipment, and several bongs and pipes were taken.

According to the Colorado State Constitution, Article XVIII, Section 14, any property relating to the medical use of marijuana is not to be “harmed, neglected, injured, or destroyed” if confiscated by state or local law enforcement agencies. In fact, the law states that any such property taken from a patient or primary caregiver must be returned immediately.

The Larimer County Drug Task Force did not follow these laws so the Masters took the issue to court. They were represented by Brian Vicente of Sensible Colorado, a group advocating “a system where drug use becomes a health issue, not a crime issue.”

In November, Colorado Chief District Judge James Hiatt ruled that the law enforcement officers violated the law by seizing the Masters’ property and ordered it returned to them immediately. Charges against the Masters for possession and cultivation were dropped.

When the couple went to police headquarters to retrieve their illegally confiscated property, they found dying plants and broken equipment. Their suit seeking monetary compensation for lost property against the drug task force is expected to be filed next week.

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