Friday, October 19, 2007

RE: Republicans Ignore Ron Paul at Their Peril

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From: Nathaniel C
Date: Oct 18, 2007 9:16 PM

Republicans, it is time to start paying real attention to Ron Paul. He is a genuine threat and if you don't vote for Ron Paul you nearly guarantee a Democrat in the White House in 2008. Roughly 80% of America is against the war in Iraq and the talk of a war with Iran is making them ill. The war is the number one issue with most Americans. Ron Paul is the only anti-war Republican. Thus, Ron Paul is the only Republican choice for those who are against the war. Ron Paul gets more donations from military personnel than any other candidate. If the GOP doesn't start taking him seriously they are going to put up an unwinnable candidate.

What will happen to the GOP if they don't choose Ron Paul? Where will all those Revolution supporters go? Do you really think any of those active, organized and interested Ron Paul supporters will vote Republican? No, they won't. So, even if Ron Paul is not in the race at all he will play the role of spoiler. All of his supporters will split up turning to the Libertarian party, or Green party, or the Democrats that support him now will return to the Democrat party, and the Constitutionalists will splinter off as well. You see, Ron Paul has united a lot of people from a lot of different parties: They are not voting Republican, they are voting Paulican.

The Republican party has been losing members for a long time now. The numbers are up now solely because people are switching to vote for Ron Paul. If he leaves this race, the GOP will go down the tubes. Perhaps for good. Most politicians have no idea the amount of distaste for the neo-cons that is out there right now.

Even many Republicans don't like the neo-cons. Most people feel there is no Republican party anymore, at least not philosophically. One lone Republican remains on the stage during debates and his name is Dr. Ron Paul.

People call Ron Paul odd, but that is only because they are comparing him to the other folks on the stage with him. He is what used to be the true Republican. None of the others can say that. McCain and others admit the party lost its way during the years they had control. They have said, "We went to Washington to change Washington. Washington changed us." Well, yes it did change them and they have not "changed back" yet. Even today, the rest of the GOP candidates fight for war. Even still, they talk of greater government interference with National ID cards, taxes on the Internet, and a general loss of liberty. Still, they say they are conservative, but speak in terms of how much money of the people's they are going to spend.

Ron Paul is not the odd one. Ron Paul is the true Republican. The small government, fiscally conservative, keep your paws off the rest of us, kind of Republican. The rest of them are the new breed of empire building, country nuking, money spending neo-cons we have lived with for the past six years. This political season might as well be the story of the ugly duckling. (Spoiler alert: Ron Paul turns out to be the Swan).

For those of you liberty lovers out there, you don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore. You finally have a man to vote FOR. A man of integrity. A man who cares so much about people that he recently introduced the Tax Free Tips Act (H.R. 3664) that would make all tips tax free. When was the last time you saw a politician make a move that helped the little people? You can bet the "waitress lobby" did not pay to push this through. Ron Paul will not get millions of dollars in donations for making this move. He will just make the world a little bit better for a lot of people. (If you want that bill to pass, you better start calling your Congressmen because they are not getting paid to pass it and they won't get big bonuses and junkets to pass it. They will only pass it if they get enough calls that they will worry about losing their jobs if they say no.)

Ron Paul is a very real threat and a very real promise. He is the hope for America. His support is growing exponentially, and so are his dollars. No one I have spoken to has ever seen the kind of excitement and love and support in a political race that Ron Paul generates. He is sweeping the Internet (a place that has real people who really vote) and he has people donating to him that have never donated to any candidate before. Voters who have not hit the polls in decades are coming out of the woodworks to vote for this man. People are spending untold amounts of their own money making Ron Paul materials, signs and fliers to spread the word about their candidate. If you have seen any advertisement about Ron Paul, it is likely his supporters made it themselves. Thus, Ron Paul has been able to save nearly every dime donated to the campaign so far. Therefore, the five million dollar figure he raised this third quarter is way off if you count all the money his supporters have spent on materials.

If the debates prove nothing else, they should prove how apathetic the supporters are of the other candidates. When CNBC took down a poll because 75% of the 7000 votes were cast for Ron Paul (and they couldn't believe he got that much support), that means that only 1750 votes were cast for the rest of the candidates COMBINED. If The rest of the field can't even get their supporters to their computers, how are they going to get them to the polls? (After heated debates, CNBC's John Harwood admitted it was a mistake to take it down and admitted there was no reason to think the poll results had been anything but legitimate. CNBC learned the hard way that trying to manipulate the truth generates a lot of blowback.)

The good news is that Ron Paul is the real deal. He is a true patriot. So, even if you are against him, you just may get the greatest President in spite of yourself.

Finally, the press is starting to take notice of Ron Paul. The interviews are not so derisive anymore. They are listening to him and so should you, America. Ron Paul offers real change. But it is nothing new, it is something very old. He offers a return to the principles that made this country great. Comically, the mainstream media continually brands Ron Paul as a "Libertarian" as if that is an insult. As Ron Paul explains: Libertarians are just lovers of liberty. Who doesn't like liberty? So, go ahead and call him a kitten lover too while you are at it. He can take it. Liberty is popular, despite what the government thinks these days.

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."
- Thomas Jefferson


Jennifer Reynolds,

Originally published October 18, 2007 6:09 pm ET

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