Wednesday, June 06, 2007

RE: Ron Paul has a serious decision to make on his running mate!

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From: Pan Man
Date: Jun 5, 2007 8:01 PM

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If Ron Paul is really serious about being President...a long shot of about 20 to 1 right now... he will need to be very thoughtful about who it is that has propelled him to the lead in most internet polls. That means he will have to commit to his following 100% and not go soft when it comes to picking the VP running mate. Ron Paul will be 73 when the elections roll around and that is not in his favor, as I am sure you understand. He needs a running mate that we can depend on to be as committed and fearless as he is to the causes he says he wants to champion. In my opinion, that can be only one person, Cynthia McKinney!

He will not get the Republican nomination...that's for sure, even if he is leading in all the polls by a wide margin. You must know that, too. Popular opinion (and even the popular vote!) don't mean squat, and haven't for a long time in America. The CFR/PNAC/Bilderbergs choose the nominees, not a bunch of concerned citizens on the must know that, too.

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No matter how big a total Nazi assbag mass murdering Zionist war pig and martial law advocate Giuliani is, and even if Luke Rudkowski catches him having sex with Newt Gingrich, a midget hooker and a goat, he will still get will Hillary (although no self respecting goat would ever have sex with her!)... because that's what the NWO wants in order to assure business as usual in the White House and the Pentagram.

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If Ron Paul could afford to be candid at this point, he would be the first to tell you he knows all I have just explained but he needs the exposure and the forum the debates have given him to raise money and make a name for himself. He knows he will have to switch over to the Libertarian Party or just be a real independent and use his web base to lead the new Internet Party.

Outside of a real long shot like RFK, Jr. or Dennis Kucinich as the VP, Cynthia McKinney is by far the most logical choice because she will help him with blacks Hispanics, Orientals, the poor, the conservative far left intelligencia and the peace and truth movement. It is very unlikely that Kucinich will run as a VP for an independent or Libertarian candidate and Kennedy has his own special concerns about running. Regardless of who R. Paul selects as a running mate, it will definitely make him or break him for campaign funds, volunteers and a real shot at the election in 08.

I certainly wish him matter what!

Peace out!
Pan Man

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