Wednesday, May 16, 2007

RE: RE: US govt fans homeland terrorism fear-plans for martial law

If the political "elite" want to bring the war home, then by all means lets bring it to their homes!! Organize protests on their sidewalks at home park cars with painted protests outside their businesses and just about anything to educate their peers and neighbors to the tuth about their war for global domination.

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US government fans homeland terrorism fear
Washington consensus plans for martial law, nuclear terror holocaust, behind closed doors

by Larry Chin
Global Research, May 15, 2007

The US government and Washington elites are aggressively ramping up their "war on terrorism" rhetoric and propaganda, stoking fear and paranoia in order to bolster its war agenda, and reinvigorate the mass public perception of new and growing "homegrown terrorism" threats to the US homeland.

The next phase of America's war abroad (under the management of a post-Bush neocon/neoliberal consensus), and the deepening militarization of the US homeland towards a full police state, are well underway.

Who or what was behind the Fort Dix Six?

On May 8, 2007, six foreign-born Muslims were arrested during an attempt to purchase assault weapons, and accused of plotting a terror attack on Fort Dix (New Jersey), as well as an assault on a Pennsylvania Navy installation.

While evidence regarding this case continues to unfold, what is clear is that the FBI and US intelligence had been infiltrated and monitored over an extensive period, as early as January 2006. An unnamed "shadowy informer", likely an intelligence asset, is the key figure behind this operation and the arrest.

An objective analysis of the Fort Dix incident leads to questions about US military-intelligence involvement, and the use of the incident as a pretext:

"There is no doubt that the actions of the US military around the world are provoking a level of disgust and anger that could well produce misguided terrorist attacks within the US itself. Nonetheless, the various terrorist 'plots' exposed by the Bush administration have virtually without exception been characterized by a similar lack of any real preparation for violence combined with the central role of a covert informant/agent provocateur.

"In each of these cases, the supposed conspiracy has been heavily publicized in a transparent bid to justify the ongoing military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and to create a climate of fear in order to suppress democratic rights in the US itself.

"The exposure of the latest alleged plot has coincided with an unprecedented political crisis for the administration. With the president's standing in the polls falling to record lows and US military casualties in Iraq increasing as the quagmire in the occupied country deepens, the political motive for unveiling another supposed terrorist threat from within is abundantly clear."



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