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RE: Here is how you can RUIN RON PAUL

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Date: May 18, 2007 2:36 PM

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I have feared the day this would come. If you really care about Ron Paul's message of freedom and you want Ron Paul to be our next President you need to be an adult and listen to what I'm about to say, I warn you it’s going to make a lot of people mad.

I have personally been involved in underdog campaigns before. I know very well what tactics are used to destroy an opposing campaign. As we know now the exchange with Giuliani didn't hurt Ron Paul it backfired on Fox and Rudy. Dr.Paul is getting mainstream press. They are starting to let him speak. But that will come to a grinding halt, if the 9/11 Truth movement is successfully associated with Ron Paul and he's considered the leader of it. The ploy is called "Marginalization". Brand a candidate a crazy loon and the mainstream of America will refuse to listen to a word he says. It’s the ultimate political poison pill. The Political cold hard reality is that Ron Paul has to win the Republican Primary or he will not be President. And if that is not possible, he can still spread his message of freedom for a long time, but only if people perceive him to be sane and credible.

Fact : Ron Paul was elected as a Republican and in his heart he is a Republican that loves the constitution. Had he run as any other third party candidate, we would not be talking about him and no national press for a pro-liberty candidate. Ron Paul made it very clear, he’s not going run as a third party candidate or an independent. This is our one and only shot, period.

Fact: Ron Paul was asked directly by a close friend who is a member of the RLC, about the 9/11 Truth Movement while they were riding around in New Hampshire campaigning.
He said “ Drones hitting the Pentagon, and all that stuff is silly”
However, I don't accept the official report. There
were a lot of government people trying to cover up
their own mistakes and incompetence. There are a
lot of questions remaining to be answered and they
should be answered, not ignored."

Mistakes and incompetence are worlds apart form George Bush planned 9/11

Here’s how you will become Ron Paul’s worst enemy and a tool for the Corp Media. to “Marginalize” him:

If you show up at any Ron Paul rallies with your 9/11 was an inside job signs you will become the focus of the media not Ron Paul. And they will attempt “guilt by association” just like the woman in the video did. It’s wrong and unfair but we know that people are willing to lie to stop Ron Paul.

If you call mainstream talk shows and you are talking about 9/11 was an inside job, please do not mention Ron Paul, again guilt by association.

The best hope for any hidden truths to be found is Ron Paul, and if he gets elected and the investigation finds that you were proven right, I will apologize and I will paint a 9/11 was an inside job sign and join you.
Until then we have a primary to win please be mature about this and accept political reality.

If you decide to repost this, please do not edit out who this is from or any of the text because there is no disclaimer, this is the position of RLC Texas

Phil Pepin
RLC Director Bexar County
Webmaster RLC Texas MySpace

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