Sunday, May 27, 2007

RE: Fax them till they run out of paper

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Patriots Speak Out ®©™
Date: May 26, 2007 11:14 PM

Tell Your Representative how upset you are! 

They appropriate another nearly $100 billion for the ongoing, disastrous U.S. occupation of Iraq.

The U.S. House of Representatives let us down on the war funding bill .

In an infuriating move, Congressional Democrats caved in and handed this administation everything, just so they could have their holiday weekend. They should have stayed and made the republicans stay too...

Let them know you are outraged!

While we are all angry and frustrated about the war and U.S. policy on Iraq --  some of you are pessimistic about our efforts having an impact. 

We cannot give up. Countless lives depend on us!

We have another opportunity to inundate Congress with our message: "Stop this war and occupation in Iraq!"

Will you act to help end this war?
What are you willing to sacrifice to help end this immoral occupation of Iraq?
What can you do to help bring the troops home to their families and friends?

Is four minutes of your time and FAX or two too much to ask of you to help stop this war machine in its tracks?

Make the call to your Representative now Better yet Fax them! 
And then ask two or three friends or family members to do the same.
Please send this e-mail message on to everyone you know.

Tell your Representative or their staff:

1. You are upset about the passage of the supplemental war funding bill.

2. The U.S. occupation of Iraq must be ended now.

3. The best way to support U.S. troops in Iraq is to bring them home alive and intact and to not put more at risk!

Your calls, along with hundreds of thousands of others, will make a difference!

You can help make that happen!

Your call TODAY is vitally important!
Please FAX NOW!

Need a boost of inspiration? Please read Ken Butigan's powerful "Ending the U.S. War in Iraq: Where Do We Go From Here?"


(Fax & Phone Numbers)
Click on your state name below:
[Alabama], [Alaska], [American Samoa], [Arizona], [Arkansas], [California], [Colorado], [Connecticut], [Delaware], [District of Columbia], [Florida], [Georgia], [Guam], [Hawaii], [Idaho], [Illinois], [Indiana], [Iowa], [Kansas], [Kentucky], [Louisiana], [Maine], [Maryland], [Massachusetts], [Michigan], [Minnesota], [Mississippi], [Missouri], [Montana], [Nebraska], [Nevada], [New Hampshire], [New Jersey], [New Mexico], [New York], [North Carolina], [North Dakota], [Ohio], [Oklahoma], [Oregon], [Pennsylvania], [Puerto Rico], [Rhode Island], [South Carolina], [South Dakota], [Tennessee], [Texas], [Utah], [Vermont], [Virginia], [Virgin Islands], [Washington], [West Virginia], [Wisconsin], [Wyoming]

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