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Homeland Insecurity

RE: Kansas Town's Rebuilding Effort Hampered (equipment in Iraq)

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Date: May 7, 2007 9:18 AM

snipet from the article :

"Four Fort Riley soldiers and a reserve police officer were arrested on Sunday for allegedly looting cigarettes and alcohol from a store in Greensburg. Maj. Gen. Tod Bunting, the state's adjutant general, said the soldiers and reserve police officer were not part of any official detachment.

Sharon Watson, a spokeswoman for the adjutant general's office, said the five were arrested at a Dillon's supermarket. They and were being held at the Pratt County Jail without bond. She said all five were in uniform, so police allowed them to come and go freely despite a curfew in the town.

Watson said the officer was from a central Kansas community, but she was not sure which town.

In a separate incident, two people wearing Red Cross jackets who were not members of the Red Cross were arrested for allegedly looting. Watson said she did not have any additional details.

They were not part of any official detachment - Another effect of the Army continuing to lower standards to scrape the bottom of the barrel to keep Iraq stocked with cannon fodder and avoid a politically unpopular draft. If these "soldiers" loot their own fellow citizens, just imagine what they will do when they get to Iraq.


The governor of Kansas said the rebuilding effort in tornado-ravaged Greensburg likely will be hampered because some much-needed equipment is in Iraq.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said much of the National Guard equipment usually positioned around the state to respond to emergencies is gone. She said not having immediate access to things like tents, trucks and semitrailers will really handicap the rebuilding effort.

The Greensburg administrator estimates that 95 percent of the town of 1,500 was destroyed by Friday's tornado.

The Kansas National Guard has about 40 percent of the equipment it is allotted because much of it has been sent to Iraq.

Read more:

and what equiptment is left is total crap.... It will never be replaced. it will be the sacrafice of the states.

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