Friday, May 18, 2007

Brother in Arms

RE: I have been asked why I've chosen to use myspace as a weapon

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Pan Man
Date: May 17, 2007 8:15 PM

Q. Why have you taken it upon yourself, to use myspace as a weapon to try and influence public opinion and bring your wisdom to be common knowledge? Why myspace? I'm not suggesting you have a disrespect for alternate opinions, but you seem pretty arrogantly confident in your own.

A. Weapon? Why not "tool" or "public venue of expression"? Why would you use the word "weapon"?
It is my Constitutional obligation and sacred duty to defend America from all aggression, whether that attack may come from without or within. Why do you choose the term "arrogantly confident" instead of something less negative and offensive like "very confident"? It is hardly necessary or even very likely that all, or even most, of my readers will regularly if ever agree with me about everything I write but that doesn't keep me from being very confident about what I say because I spend hours and sometimes days researching what I report or editorialise here.

If you or Bush or anyone maintains with great confidence and assertiveness that 2 + 2 = 7 and I research far enough to discover that it actually adds up to 4, I will just as confidently report my own findings. Sometimes I express opinions and make commentaries based upon common or special knowledge and don't explain in great detail how I came to be so opinionated but I can assure you beyond all doubt that I don't just pull this shit out of my ass and fling it at the fan.

Why myspace you ask? Why not? Where else would you prefer me to go? Of course everyone here is free to add or delete and even block other members. Only my friends can see my bulletins. If others choose to repost them because I say something they agree with or want to hold up for public ridicule, then that becomes their "karma" and not mine. I communicate my ideas to those who have implicitly invited me to do so by association and explicitly permitted by clicking on my bulletins and reading them, for good or ill.

Q. How are you so sure that your NWO/Illuminati position is the absolute truth...Truth is a hard thing to collect, just look at a history book.

A. As far as I know, there are no "absolutes" in the universe that can be proven in all cases and circumstances possible as can be tested by man. In the shadowy, secretive and deceptive world of politicians (and the elitists who manipulate them out of greed for money or lust for power), most things are very difficult to know with complete certainty but there is a preponderant body of compelling actual and circumstantial evidence that strongly suggest 2 + 2 still equals 4, regardless of who claims it equals 7.

As for "history", it is written by the winners. I have no intention of being a "loser" in this battle to save America. History will not be denied the Truth this time.

If you will sacrifice your free leisure time to do the research and discover the Truth on your own about the "NWO/Illuminati", then you will find much enlightenment and satisfaction in your endeavors. To that end, I wish you happy hunting!

Peace, Truth, Freedom and Justice

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