Saturday, April 21, 2007

RE: FDA says Melamine intentionally put in pet

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From: Elsewhere's Daughter
Date: Apr 21, 2007 9:41 AM

Where is Homeland Security?
FDA just starting to figure out our food supply has been poisoned by China

China refuses to allow FDA to inspect food manufacturers

Bush and Republicans have been stomping FREE TRADE FREE TRADE
and China has gotten rich and powerful

but now we see our food supply has been poisoned by China

and China will not admit the truth

the jig is up

Bioterrorism against America and Americans its finally getting exposed
its not over yet

Back in late 1960s the feed supply of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana

...used on farms to feed dairy cows, hogs and poultry was found to cause mysterious symptoms which made the animals sick, disorientated, crippled and ultimately unable to stand, walk, feed themselves or control their elimination processes. The animals were culled out of the herds, tested by FDA. No disease could be found so the FDA certified the animals as safe for consumption. The animals were sent to slaughter houses and allowed to be sold to humans. A number of people began to develop the same symptoms as the animals had. Farmers who raised these sick animals ate and feed the meat to their families because they were told the meat was safe and they got got seriously sick.

Finally, after politicians and farm coops tried to block the withdrawal of the sick animals for months and months, a moratorium was placed on the distribution of these animals. It was ultimately found that a producer and distributor of the very popular feed was using bags of vitamin supplement powder which was mixed and sprayed onto this "high energy/growth animal feed" turned out to be not vitamin supplement, but a fire retardant chemical used to spray onto insulation. Both chemicals were made at the same manufacturing plant I think in Michigan but were mixed into thousands of bags labeled vitamin supplement. The story was kept covered up even when a local news reporter broke the story. I saw it broadcast on the public TV station one time and never heard another thing about the incident. The big chemical company in Michigan at that time was Dow Chemical and still is to this day.

Here is a PR link for Dow Chemical who has it's bloody hands all over this globe.

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