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RE: DOVV: Calling all Sons and Daughters of War

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Date: Apr 27, 2007 11:55 AM

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DOVV: Impeach!

First, please call the Veterans Committee as often as you can.
202.224.9126 Please tell them your story. Tell them you want your generation home now! Tell them no more poisoning our own men and women with depleted uranium. No more lies!

This is from a family who lost their Dad due to depleted uranium. Please read:

Dear concerned citizens of the United States of America,

My main reason for writing this report is to bear witness to my own father’s contamination and death as a result of depleted uranium (DU) exposure during his participation in Gulf War I. I take great offense in the fact that the US government (now through three administrations) refuses to properly educate their personnel of the hazards of using DU weapons and cease usage of such weapons of mass destruction. The main purpose of this report is to inform the reader of the history of depleted uranium munitions and the effects of using the weapons realized since Gulf War I. The greatest limitation I experienced while writing this report is the fact that the pentagon and Department of Defense have been covering up the adverse effects of DU exposure for liability reasons. Due to the cover-up, large quantities of government documents portray a subdued, misleading account of the detrimental effects of DU contamination. However, when one looks to the scientific community, the evidence overwhelmingly verifies the dangers associated with DU munitions. My quotations from several interviews with Dr. Rokke provide the greatest validity to my report. Dr. Rokke is the former director of the US Army depleted uranium project and was responsible for producing the official military depleted uranium training video and overseeing the contamination cleanup attempts after Gulf War I. Having seen a third of his cleanup crew (about 30 out of 100) die from DU exposure in the decade and a half since their 1992 cleanup mission, Dr. Rokke boldly summarizes the effects of using depleted uranium munitions saying, “This whole thing is a crime against God and humanity” (Johnson). Throughout my report, I will systematically validate his claim that DU munitions are indeed a crime against humanity and that the longevity of their adverse effects make using DU weapons stand out even amongst the most heinous of war-crimes in the extensive disgusting history of war.

Abraham Hooker

You can read my article here:

A Study on the Feasibility of Using Depleted Uranium Weapons … d=18281764

Our father (a Gulf War veteran) died from depleted uranium exposure. You can view his obituary here: … d=18281764

Note that it says, "He has served 29 years in the US Army and was a veteran of the Gulf War serving with the 82nd Airborne Division."

We hope this adds a little validity to the danger of depleted uranium munitions.

We have diligently researched into this subject, just as family members of 9/11 victims research the events that took place at the WTC. If you want more information, here is a list of significant sources: … ;menuId=16 … 8dec06.htm … ndex2.html … 2/abstract … WBib01.pdf … ontent.208

Video interview of Dr. Doug Rokke, former Director of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project:

Please help to spread the awareness.


Dear activists, colleagues, and friends,

It's almost May 1st. Who can forget the so-called "Mission Accomplished"
from four years ago? Who can forget the pomp and circumstance, the
primping and posturing in a staged photo-op built on the backs of those
destroyed by the war. The mission has not been accomplished.
1. Watch the film

2. Sign the petition
3. Enter the contest

In honor of all those who have been killed, whose lives have been
destroyed in this terrible war of choice, we have been working hard on a
short film that will not let that horrific day go unnoticed.

Watch the film and spread it far and wide:

We've also got a contest looking for what SHOULD have been on the
"mission accomplished" banner. Submit your banner and the winning one
will be on car bumpers all over the country! (You'll get some cool stuff
too) For more details, and to enter:

The spoken word performance in the video was done by a wonderfully
talented young man, Steven Connell, who's been in feature films on HBO,
Showtime and MTV. He is a strong, creative, and articulate voice in
reaching a young and diverse audience. We are grateful for his time and
effort, and to Norman Lear who first found and called Steven to the
attention of a wider audience.

Go on, watch it!

1. Watch the film

2. Sign the petition
3. Enter the contest


Just days before this video and website was to go online, an American
soldier serving in Afghanistan wrote an op-ed which has since stirred up
a national debate. The soldier questioned why we do not lower the flag
to half-staff when a soldier dies at war. We at Brave New Foundation
were so inspired by his question that we decided to begin a petition to
amend the US Flag Code.

Sign the petition to have flags lowered for a day each time an American
service member dies at war:

Please forward this on far and wide -- to your friends, schools,
churches, to any local television or radio. We must not let this day go
unnoticed. We must make our voices and passions heard.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

P.S. We have been overwhelmed with your ideas, enthusiasm and support
since we asked for your input on our future projects. We're carefully
looking through everything, and will have more to share on my blog soon.

Brave New Foundation
10510 Culver Blvd / Culver City, CA 90232 / 800-525-8212 /
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