Wednesday, January 03, 2007

America Inc.

How corrupt is too much?

Iraq For Sale

A Robert Greenwald film about corporations in Iraq. To watch more great movies or to learn the truth about the 9/11 attacks, visit WWW.TRUTH911.NET

I had word passed to me through several sources that the District Attorney (D.A.) of Hillsborough County has been a bad boy. I received information that one of Mark Ober’s minions has been neck deep if not responsible for the crystal meth epidemic that has hit Florida. In the past I was told of ties but couldn’t believe what I was told. The more I look through the history of the Drug War the more I see that our government has more than a fleeting interest in the distributing these chemicals to the populous. I was told by a acquaintance who has been involved in this clique that this is not a possibility but a fact. The reason I have left all names removed is because of a court case that is being pursued in order to bring this cartel down.

When will the people become frustrated enough to take back our power from the pawns with “Titles of Nobility” who serve the English Monarchy, the Vatican and not the American people. I hate to say it but this all ties back to the problem this county has faced due to secret societies. These societies may have started out benevolent but have mutated into beasts that cannot be fed. The good ol’ boys club has lead the nation astray, turning it into a demonic-aristocracy or democracy for short. This has all but killed the Constitutional Republic that was dreamed of over two hundred-thirty years ago.

Will you standby and watch our youth fed to satanic pushers of drugs and ideas that would sicken and appall a sane mind. Let them know that if they want a fight, we will give it to them. We will not allow this to continue. Fight the best way we can: protest, write petitions, organize walkouts and even just using your dollar wisely. We do not need to support a company that refuses to support the people.




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